Frequently Asked Questions

Why Western Red Cedar is the natural choice

Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) is the raw material from which all our Gabriel Ash Cold Frames are constructed and is, like gardening itself, life affirming. In other words it looks after itself, remaining sound, solid and beautiful for decades. Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that resist moisture decay and infestation by wood boring insects–helping your coldframe to stand the test of time.
This particular type of Red Cedar is endowed with qualities that further reinforce its superiority for coldframe construction: Being very straight-grained, Western Red Cedar neither warps nor twists, keeping the integrity of your coldframe intact for many years to come.

The unique properties of Thuja Plicata

Thuja Plicata (the Latin name for Western Red Cedar) absorbs and rapidly releases moisture with minimal shrinkage or expansion. Its rich and variegated colouring ranges from pale saffron to a deep honeyed ochre that, over the years, gives way to an attractive patina of silvery grey. In fact, nothing grows old more gracefully than a Gabriel Ash Coldframe. Thuja Plicata even retains heat yet is a good insulator, so compared to aluminium or plastic alternatives, our quality Red Cedar cold frames tend to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This unique quality provides a natural thermostat within your coldframee that can be used to aid the growth and continued development of your plants.

A coldframe that looks after itself

Furthermore, this craftsman's wood can be machined to a superb finish that compares to the furniture in your home: creating a coldframe that is a pleasure both to the eye and to the touch. In our long experience, nothing is more appropriate for fine English gardens than the warmth, beauty and character of wood. For us, that means only the finest selected Western Red Cedar, for its proven track record and enduring performance, can be used to design the ultimate wooden coldframe. All of our Western Red Cedar is sourced from properly managed forests in British Columbia, where natural regeneration and reforestation programmes ensure a perpetual harvest.

What Glass is used in your Coldframes

Safety glass to BS. 6206 is fitted as standard to all Gabriel Ash coldframes.