About Us

The Coldframes.com website is managed by Growhouse Ltd.  We are a sister company of one of Britain’s largest, most reputable and longest established Greenhouse Manufacturers, Gabriel Ash.  

The coldframes we supply are all manufactured for us by Gabriel Ash in their Chester factory.   Only the finest quality materials are used in the construction of our coldframes ensuring your investment will be enjoyed for many years to come.  Our cold frames are designed to offer an unrivalled product of the highest quality.

Along with all our products we guarantee the serviceability, suitability and longevity of this stylish range, it will give many years of excellent service.

To create the perfect quiescent microclimate Western Red Cedar is the material from which every cold frame is constructed, containing natural oils that resist moisture decay and infestation, looking after itself without a second thought from you, remaining sound solid and beautiful for decades.

Red Cedar is endowed with qualities that further reinforce its superiority for coldframe construction, it neither warps nor twists. It absorbs and rapidly releases moisture with minimal shrinkage or expansion.  Retaining heat, yet is a good insulator, so, compared to aluminium or plastic alternatives, our cold frames tend to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.